Sunday, 2 February 2014

|| My weekly treasures #1 ||

Bonsoir jolies fleurs!

It has been a super long time, but I am back! With a new layout & a new post.

My current treasures have been aboard my ship for some time! They include a holy grail lip product that if they discontinued, would quite frankly make me hit the plank!

First up...

Sexy Mother Pucker, Gloss Stick, Plum Jam, £8

Christ on a bike, this lip product is absolutely incredible, in my opinion it is the best day time lip product I have come across at a super affordable price. The colour is beautiful, suits my skin tone perfectly! It looks as though I have put effort in, when really I have opened my peepers at 7am, swiped this across my lips and ran to the door and rolled down the road to work!

At just £8 a pop and the 3 for 2 offer in Boots, I picked up 3 of these. One in the above colour Plum Jam and then Nudist and Raplumzel!

If you are going to do one thing next time you visit boots, pick one of these up to try, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Oh Laura Mercier, how you like to steal my pennies!

Laura Mercier, Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème, £43.50

A product I really do not need to go on about. Picked it up in John Lewis, smells absolutely incredible/edible. Very thick but none greasy and sinks in beautifully. Very luxurious (expensive!) product but your skin and nose will thank you every time you apply. Thank you Tanya Burr, The End.

Jessalli, incredibly thoughtful handmade gifts

Over the last year or so, anytime that I couldn't quite muster up the strength to use my imagine and come up with a gift at Christmas or Birthday time for people I would turn here:

The Jessalli website, a place where you can buy the most beautiful, personalised country gifts made by the very talented Sophia!

At Christmas my Mum purchased the below handmade fabric hearts to use as our present tags and I absolutely love them! The none christmassy ones are up around my flat as decoration and are super cute!

Please go and check her out.

Jessalli fabric hearts, unsure on price

Rae Feather...the most beautiful cashmere

Oh Rae Feather, you made me do something I told myself I wouldn't! Spend a lot of pennies on one of your beautifully made Cashmere scarves. Just take a look for yourselves at this little baby...

Rae Feather website, Large Westbury cashmere scarf, Black, £145

This scarf is pure luxury! I opted for the Black one because I knew it would go with everything (not because I get food down everything I wear,promise!) The scarf is 100% Cashmere and is something, if I could, would take to bed with me every night to snuggle. Super soft, luxurious and a really great staple in my massive scarf collection!

Rae Feather currently have a 30% off sale! Yay!

Have you got any treasures you would like to share with me?! I would love to hear about them! There is always room in my treasure chest for more...


  1. you have a lovely blog!


  2. Those fabrics hearts are so cute! Love your blog!

    xx, Cathy
    check out my blog: helllo, Cathy

    1. They are adorable! You should check out her website :-) xxx

  3. That lip colour is really pretty and you have really nice shaped lips! Growing up I always felt like I have boring shaped lips so I always pay attention to others, its an odd habit now :) Also, I really love your new layout, especially your header!


  4. Your skin looks so flawless!