Monday, 8 April 2013

A country girl with flowery needs!

Typical country girl...

 I am a country girl, through and through! I was born and raised with straw hanging out my mouth and Hunters on my feet.
Now I live in the city of Bristol the green I see is minimal. This being said I still like to buy things for my house that make me feel countrified!
Yesterday I popped in to TK Maxx (it's all very new to me) and found this absolute bargain...

 The floral jug was in the home section (obviously) and I spotted it on the top shelf, the RRP was £29.99 and I got it for £12.99, I think these are the sort of thing every country loving girly girl should have!
The jug is photographed above with my very worn Hunter wellies and some daffodiles placed inside. Although they havent flowered yet, they were £1 from Tesco, absolute bargain! When they do flower I think they'll look absolutely gorgeous and brighten up my flat no end!
Do you have a favourite countrified homeware piece? What are your favourite flowers?


  1. I love that little flowery jug, I would love one just like it to be a country girl in the city.

    Love!!!! Love!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. It's lovely isn't it :-) they have lots of them in TK maxx if your in the UK! @barbieandpie xxx