Sunday, 14 April 2013

|| Beautiful week in photographic form... ||

I absolutely love seeing people's "week in pictures"

I decided to do one myself

#1 - One of two new Mulberry purchases. #2 - Beautiful view from Charlestown in Cornwall. #3 Beautiful pet from home, Lola the Alaskan malamute. #4 - Clean snuggly Sunday bed sheets. #5 -Hunter Wellington socks. #6 - Myself getting ready for a night out with curlers in my hair and a glass of red the size of my head. #7 - Beautiful Mulberry scarf. #8 - Home made chicken katsu curry (comment if you'd like the recipe.) #9 - My favourite lunch time snacks prepared for me by somebody special.


  1. What a beautiful dog!
    Your bed looks super snuggly too

    Emily x -

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! Do you have any pets xxx